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How to Get an Exterminator License in Ontario

Getting an extermination license in Ontario. Canada is not as hard as many people think. If you choose your niche wisely and pass a certification examination from an accredited college in your locality, you can get an exterminator’s license from the Ministry of Environment (MOE) easily, authorizing you to apply pesticides, herbicides, and an array of other chemicals in your home and or outdoor environment. According to wildlife control blog johnsonjeffries.com, here is a detailed analysis of the foregoing two steps on how to get an exterminator license in Ontario, Canada, to help you in the process:

Step One: Choose Your Niche

When you are looking for an exterminator’s license in Ontario, Canada, the first thing that you should do is to choose your niche. Are you, for instance, looking for a structural license, land, or a water license? Within these three major license groups, you can choose between 12 license categories, depending on your job profile, or the pest management activity you are planning to implement in your home, or outdoor environment. A land license, for example, allows you to exterminate pests associated with ornamental plantings (landscaping, etc.) and even herbicides that clog sewers in the home, or block access to public works. A structural license on the other hand authorizes you to exterminate arthropods, birds, and or mammals in the home or on shared facilities such as a waste disposal plant. Finally, with a water license, you canĀ  exterminate aquatic vegetation and or dangerous arthropods such as mosquitoes or black flies that depend on water (larval and pupal stages), to complete their life cycle.

Step Two: Take a Certification Exam

After you have chosen your niche, you must pass a certification exam that deems you a competent exterminator. According to the exterminator’s curriculum in Ontario, Canada all enthusiasts must learn and understand all safety precautions one must follow, when applying pesticides and herbicides in a home or commercial establishment. You must know how to handle such chemicals, potential problems that you might face while using such chemicals, and how to handle a medical emergency induced by pesticide or herbicide usage. Second, you must understand the current legislations that govern pesticide and herbicide use, environmental protection laws, and the integrated pest management approaches championed for by regulatory authorize in Ontario Canada. A good college will provide you with detailed educative material covering these areas and more, and then help you schedule for an exterminator’s certification exam in your chosen niche, for a small administration fee.

Step Three: Apply for an Exterminator License

After you have taken and passed the certification examination in your learning institution of choice, notify the MOE that you want a license by filling and application form and attaching all mandatory testimonials. You will get your license after a short duration.