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Pricing your Pest Control Services

Many entrepreneurs set out every year new pest control business that offer a wide variety of services, but the main obstacle is how to execute the fundamentals. One of these fundamental is the price. How to price your pest control services when just starting a new pest control business in order to strike a balance between making profit and offering better services is not easy.

There are several factors to consider. Many people under-estimate or over-estimate the price of their services. So how will you go about properly pricing the price of your pest control services? Well here are three factors to consider when determining the price.

The level Of Competition

When determining the right price for your pest control service, the issue of competition cannot be avoided. You need to come up with a proper strategy and pricing policy. Your business will be affected negatively if your competitors are offering the same services at a cheaper price. Therefore, you need to conduct feasibility studies and competitor analyses before fixing the prices.

Perceived Cost Of Your service

Your need to ask yourself “what is the perceived cost of my services in the minds of the customers? Before fixing a price for your new pest control business services, make sure to strike a balance between the services and its perceived cost. Perceived cost is a critical concern because most of the customers associate low price with poor quality services.

Services Development Cost

Definitely, you cannot run away from this factor. Normally, you cannot price your service below its actual cost price. Price is determined by the total development cost (production cost) and the tax per unit of your services. Finally, after you have fixed right prices you need to monitor them continuously. Keep an eye on the local market, competitors and the profit of your service. You can shift the prices if necessary. Striking a common balance between making a profit and becoming competitive can be difficult. However, with the right expertise the task can be very easy.

How Can a Blog Help Your Pest Control Business

Blogs have become major sources of online information and are today a valuable content marketing platforms that people running pest control businesses can exploit. So we asked industry experts at about how can a blog help your pest control business?

Firstly, a blog can help to drive quality traffic to your pest control website. While traffic drawn through email lists and paid search adverts are vital for pest control businesses, the two methods are usually expensive to run. However, blogging helps to solve traffic problems for websites at greatly affordable costs. For instance, each time you make a blog post about pest control on your website, the post will be indexed and picked up by search engines as an indicator that your website is active. The search engines will, therefore, crawl the pages
of your site regularly in search for content for viewers. Subsequently, every blog page that you publish becomes an opportunity to drive traffic to your pest control website.

Secondly, blogging will allow your pest control business to be visible on social media. Every time you create a remarkable post on your blog, you are producing share-worthy content for social media (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Linkedln and Pinterest), which in turn exposes your business to new audiences and potential clients. Furthermore, blog content can be used to keep a strong presence in social sites, acting as repository content. Check out this great social media 101 guide.

Thirdly, blogs can help pest control businesses to convert their traffic into important leads. The business owner simply needs to add lead-generating call-to-action onto every blog post. The calls to action should be for items such as free facts sheets, free whitepapers, free eBooks, free webinars and free trials. Once the visitors are directed to the business’ landing page, they will add their personal information before receiving the free items.

Fourthly, the blog will help the business owner to be established as an authority in pest control. Clients who find valuable information from the blog will begin to seek the business owner’s opinion on certain pest control actions and pesticides. Finally, the blog will help the business to drive long-term leads and traffic.